Résumés gagnants | 2014 Winning Abstracts

CSEB Epidemiology Research Day 2014 Top Abstracts

On April 5, 2014, the Interdisciplinary School of Health Sciences at the University of Ottawa hosted its annual bilingual undergraduate Research Day in Epidemiology, where participants presented their original research to a panel of judges, who rated the projects in terms of their scientific quality and presentation clarity. The French and English projects were organized separately and were judged according to separate and different rubrics. The top scoring projects were:

Le 5 Avril 2014, l’École interdisciplinaire des sciences de la santé à l’Université d’Ottawa a accueilli son premier cycle annuel bilingue Journée de la recherche en épidémiologie, où les participants ont présenté leurs recherches originales à un panel de juges, qui s’est vu attribuer les projets en fonction de leur qualité scientifique et présentation de clarté. Les projets français et en anglais ont été organisées séparément et ont été jugés en fonction de rubriques distinctes et différentes. Les projets classant dans les meilleurs étaient les suivants:

In English / en anglais:

First place / la première place:

  • Katan C, Buder LM, Saikaly R. “Alternative Therapy for ADHD”

In order to collect the most relevant and appropriate data for this topic, we will be using primarily pubmed and google scholar as our main search options. To refine the search, we will use key terms such as “ADHD in boys”, “ADHD + treatment” and “ADHD + physical activity”, to discover if there are significant findings of using physical activity as an effective way to alleviate symptoms of ADHD. The key terms “ADHD and physiology” will also be used to further understand the mechanism of ADHD and how physical activity may play a role at the cellular level. Only recent articles (no older than 20 years) will be used to ensure the most up-to-date results are used. Within the research, we expect to find a negative correlation between physical activity in boys and the prevalence of ADHD symptoms. We anticipate this correlation because of the nature of ADHD in boys and how physical activity allows for a structured outlet to remain active, yet controlled, simultaneously. This research is important because the number of school-aged children, especially boys, being diagnosed with ADHD in Canada is increasing at a startling rate. Further, the effective psychostimulants prescribed to treat ADHD remain inadequately characterized in terms of their developmental effects on growing brains. Physical activity is a relatively easy, non-invasive, and affordable option to offer parents as an alternative to current pharmacotherapy. In addition, this research would strengthen the need even further to implement additional physical activity in the school system.

  • Dumochel PD, Fomitcheva V. “Invega – Quality of life of Schizophrenia”

Schizophrenia is a chronic disorder that is debilitating to patients, family and society. A prevalence of 1% of the general population in Canada, warrants for proper and effective symptom management to reduce social and economic burden of the disease. This study will focus on comparing Invega® (paliperidone) to other pharmacological treatments, to determine relative effectiveness for treatment of schizophrenia symptoms, in male and female patients aged 15-50, measured by increased Quality of Life (QL) scores. Literary review will be conducted on peer reviewed journal articles on PubMed, Cochrane, and WebofScience, for the following key words: schizophrenia, paliperdione, and quality of life, which generated 19 peer reviewed articles. This study is also interested in identifying most popular pharmacological treatments for schizophrenia to compare them to paliperidone. It is expected that since paliperidone is one of the latest antipsychotic drug approved in Canada, since 2010, it will be the superior drug with most significant increases in QL scores for schizophrenia patients.

Second place / deuxième place:

  • Fang A, Frisch B. “Obstructive Sleep Apnea and its effects on Atrial Fibrillation”

Third place / troisième place:

  • Sangwa N, Demanti A, Ahmad M. “Is ADHD over diagnosed in children?”
  • Nathoo C, Hems J, Dimanlig R, Sinnadurai S. “Incidence of respiratory illness among children under the age of 18 living in urban areas”

In French / en français:

  • Chaumont A, Laurin A-A, Lepage-Ratté M. “Alzeimer”
  • Houlton C, Lamont-Paradis S, “Hypothyroidie congénitale”
  • Cousineau M, Dicaire C, Fakhry S, Larche-Boudreau C. “Hypertension”
  • Guidone P, Cazeau D. “Syndrome post-commotionnel”


Congratulations to all the participants and winners.

Félicitations à tous les participants et les gagnants.


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